Dr. Kishor R. Kolhe has a vast experience on working and guiding student’s projects. He has guided more than 50 UG students and 10 PG students for their projects. Currently he is guiding one Ph. D. Research Scholar.

Projects completed

  1. Worked on “Unified Hybrid WAN” Project in The Times of India, Pune: This project included innovative design and integration of various WAN technologies like RF, Point to Point, ISDN, MPLS, PTI Service.

  2. Completed Consultancy and Development of prototype model for Production Monitoring System using IoT and Industry 4.0 standards for Improsys Technologies, Akurdi Pune – 411035.

  3. Dynamic Dictionary based Lossless Multimedia Data Compression

  4. Generic Algorithm with Mathematical Evaluation for Quality Assurance of Real Time Applications

Ongoing projects

  1. Consolidating Technology for Event Automation

  2. Cost Effective Digital Certificate Generation and Verification using Customized Smart Contracts with Blockchain

PG projects guided:

  1. Precision Based Effort Estimation using Machine Learning and Clustering.

  2. Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Network using Fuzzy rule and Tree Based Routing Protocol.

  3. Confidentiality and Efficiency of Query Services in Cloud Using RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection).

  4. Dynamic Balancing of Stream Workload to Provide Scalability.

  5. Novel Way of Attribute Based Encryption for Mobile Cloud using Blind Storage.

  6. An Automated Storage Area Network Solution.

  7. Next Generation Collaborative Filtering of data based on typicality method.

  8. Improvement in Energy Consumption for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy.

  9. Smart Approach to Crawl Web Interfaces with Personalized Search and Domain Classification.

  10. Anti-Theft Hybrid Solution for Tracking and Locating Mobile Devices with Data Security.

UG projects guided

  1. Securing, Monitoring and Controlling the LAN Environment Remotely by Using GSM Technology.

  2. Wishlist era: Concept Mobile Shopping.

  3. Intrusion Detection System for Cloud Environment.

  4. Enhancing BMC remedy action request system platform mid-tier.

  5. An Effective Taxi Recommender System.

  6. Push Notification System Using Cloud Messaging Services for Multipurpose Smartphone Applications.

  7. Intelligent Car Insurance Policy System.

  8. Email Encryption using XML Standards for Enhanced Security.

  9. Health application for finding relevant multipathic health services.

  10. Two Factor Data Security Protection Mechanism for Cloud Services.

  11. Smart Travel Scheduler: An Expert system for Tourists.